Salary Ordinance

Article 1 – Applicable Pay Rates


1-1.1 – Subject to the provisions and exceptions hereinafter set forth in this Ordinance, the compensation for the classifications of members of boards, commissions, officers, and of other persons employed by the County is hereby fixed as set forth in the following Salary Reports (BOS approved amendment (11/8/22)

Salary Report – Job Code Number

Salary Report – Alphabetical

1-1.2 – Where the schedule of rates or rate is preceded by a prefix, the compensation relating to each such prefix shall be as follows (BOS approved 10/23/07)(BOS approved amendment 2/4/20):

D Flat rate per day.
H Flat rate per hour.
S Flat rate per session or meeting.

1-1.3 – Each and every employment agreement between the Board of Supervisors and a Board appointed department head that has been or will be executed by the President of the Board of Supervisors is hereby incorporated by this reference into the Salary Ordinance once the signature of the employee and the President have both been affixed, provided the appointment of the department head by the Board of Supervisors has been or is announced at an open and public meeting of the Board of Supervisors. (BOS approved 2/11/14) (BOS approved amendment 2/4/20)


1-2.1 -When any of the following letters appear after a Job Code, it denotes that the special condition indicated by such letter shall apply to persons occupying positions in the classification designated by that Job Code and capital letter or letters, notwithstanding any other provisions of this Ordinance (BOS approved 10/23/07):

N Services-as-needed employment. Employees in classifications so designated or with intermittent or (SAN) in the class title, are compensated at the hourly or daily rate shown unless they were employed by Alameda County in that classification and were compensated at the fourth or fifth step of the former salary range prior to July 1, 1973, in which case they are compensated at the biweekly rates shown.
P Designates positions which are funded as part of limited tenure projects.
SE Positions in class are designated – Senior Executive Management.
EM Positions in class are designated – Executive Management.
SM Positions in class are designated – Supervisory Management.
PA Positions in class are designated – Professional Administrator.
CA Positions in class are designated – Confidential Administrator.
MA Positions in class are designated – Mixed Administrator (Appropriate).
M Positions in class are designated – Mixed Administrator (Inappropriate).

1-2.2 – (BOS approved deletion 2/4/20)