Salary Ordinance

Article 5 – Additional Positions Available to Departments


There are hereby created additional positions in each classification established herein above, provided however, that no person shall be appointed to any such additional position except after the Board of Supervisors, in open session, determines the necessity therefore and authorizes the same; provided further, however, that for the purpose of implementing reclassifications recommended by the Civil Service Commission and approved by the Board of Supervisors, the County Administrator is hereby authorized to approve the use of such “five for one” positions vacated because of such reclassifications. In addition, for each classification established in this Ordinance, there is hereby created a separate but equal classification, the Job Code for which shall include the suffix “Z,” designating the use of such classifications for manpower programs administered by the Human Resource Services or other agencies of the County; provided however, that all positions in such classifications shall be used only for the purpose of hiring and training individuals who are eligible to participate in the various manpower programs of the County; and provided further, that the County Administrator shall approve the use of such classifications and positions upon the recommendation of the Civil Service Commission or the Director of Human Resource Services.


Every county or district officer, except a supervisor or judicial officer, may appoint as many deputies to serve without compensation as may be necessary for the prompt and faithful discharge of the duties of his/her office.


In addition to the positions created by this Ordinance, there are hereby created certain positions to be filled only if a person with Civil Service tenure in any position fails to qualify for the position which he/she occupies, if such position has been reclassified; to wit, each and every position in the previous fiscal year’s Salary Ordinance as amended.


Any Agency or Department may fill any position allowed in the Ordinance with more than one employee, provided however, that the combined hours worked by persons filling that position do not exceed the work week for the class to which the position is allocated, and provided further, that funds for such positions have been included in the Agency or Department approved budget.